Monday 18 February 2019

Interesting and Historical Facts about Paris | Paris Fun Facts and Information

Here you will get some interesting facts about Paris. Since being very popular cities among the travelers, known as the city of love, There are many architectural and social facts about Paris that even tourists don’t know about it, so we are providing you some list of Paris facts and information. Surely It will create interest to know well about these about Paris facts.

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Interesting Facts about Paris

1. Paris was a Roman city found in the 3rd century BC.

2. In Paris, the policeman nicknamed as Chicken, just because when the 
Paris was facing the riots, a lot of buildings including the police stations were burnt down, therefore in terms of saving their life of police officers escape themselves in the poultry market and hence the chickens' name given to the police officers.

3. The Notre Dame bell weighs 13 tons and known as Emmanuel.

4. People believe that the city has only one stop sign in the entire city.

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5. The water of the Seine River is not at all good for health. People even did not use it for laundry purpose as it is very toxic and dangerous.

Fun Facts about Paris

Everyone knows well about the city of light, but why did it so-called ask yourself and think what do you know about its interesting facts? 

1. Jim Hayes, Anyone’s Guest in Paris

There is a man in Paris, named Jim Hayes who every Sunday invites strangers to his house on dinner. He is doing it from thirty years ago and also organizes the exhibition to his galleries. If you wanted to have dinner you need to place a reservation on his website and send him a message that you wanted to join him on dinner and wait until Sunday afternoon to get his reply for dinner.

2. Statue of Liberty in Paris

The replica of the statue of liberty is not secret in Paris. The united states and have a long history due to the statue of liberty which represents the freedom for the people. 

3. Paris is not the largest French-speaking city

It might be odd to know that the partisan commonly did not speak French, but the French are commonly used in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

4. Shakespeare and Company is the famous bookshop

People came to Shakespeare and Company to buy books, but they are more interested in sleep there. If you wanted to stay and have rest then you will get a free bed by working there for 2 hours a day. Obviously, there would be less space but who cares!  If anyone is getting free space in this famous bookshop to sleep in this cost-effective city.

Some Historical Facts about Paris Best Places 

If you are planning a trip to Paris then don’t miss these historical facts about Paris,  the city is flowing with history. 

1. Notre Dame Cathedral 

The construction of Notre Dame Cathedral started in 1163 and it took 2 century to build and almost completed in 1135. The Notre Dame Cathedral bell weighs 13 tons commonly known as Emmanuel. 

2. Eiffel Tower

facts about Paris, interesting facts about Paris, historical facts about Paris, Paris facts and information

Being the iconic structure of Paris during under construction, it was the ugliest building and now it represents the part of national heritage. Iron lady changed her looks by reddish brown color over it, then it was coated in the yellow paint after a decade. After every seven years, 60 tons of color use to apply on it to maintain its beauty.

3. Paris Metro

A trip to Paris is incomplete without traveling by metro around the cities. Paris metro is a network binding the cities together, it runs from east to west and north to south. Each metro stop has got a historical theme which you will love to know about it.

4. Arc de Triomphe

It is the second largest triumphal architecture. Napoleon wanted the triumphal arch to celebrate his troops, so the construction started number of times but did not finished by 1836 and Napoleon died in 1821. 

As per the explained content, we have provided some interesting fun facts, Paris facts and at last, also we have concluded the historical facts about Paris, so head to our other articles as well if curious to discover more about Paris and don’t forget to share your views in the comment section.    

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